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One of the things I love most is providing other mothers with easy ideas on self care. I’ve studied the art of living well using alternative methods for over fifteen years. During those years I’ve collected my favorite resources that have become my “mama toolbox.”  The most powerful tools I use are techniques that get us out of our heads and ground us in the here and now. They are almost always experiences that directly involve at least one of our five senses. When our senses are stimulated, such as when we smell pine and are are immediately reminded of Christmas, it is because the part of our brain that processes many of the senses immediately bypasses  thinking and analyzing  and goes straight to our emotions and memories.



Keep a stash of herbal teas. Not only do herbal teas taste great, they also have health benefits. Some of my favorites are ones that are relaxing such as chamomile, passionflower, and lemon balm. Hibiscus flowers make a gorgeous ruby red tea that tastes fruity and the blue pea flower from India creates a calming blue tea that soothes anxiety. If you have time, the actual ritual of making the tea can be a calming meditation itself. Pouring the water, watching it heat over the flame of the stove top, steeping the herbs, pouring it into a beautiful cup, watching the steam rising and releasing into the air, imagining your stress rising and releasing out of you as well.



Look for ways to infuse your life with scent. Make your own homemade cleaners and add essential oils or purchase products such as Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products. Create your own linen spray with a mister of water and a few drops of lavender oil. Buy unscented lotions or hand soap and add your favorite aromatherapy blends. Use a diffusor. The possibilities are endless.



Have you ever noticed how everything looks more beautiful by the light of a candle? Candlelight also tends to create a soothing, peaceful atmosphere. You move more slowly and speak more softly. There is a certain stillness in the light of candles. I especially love pure beeswax candles for their warm honey scent and clean, pure flame.



There is nothing like music to shift your mood and change your energy. Compile a collection of  inspirational cds or create a playlist on your iPod. My favorites are anything by Enya, Wildfire by Rachel Platten, and Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie. Check out this post to see how you can get a lot of this music for free!



Find a talisman to carry with you. Keep it in your pocket. Hold it and rub it between your fingers to keep you grounded and provide support. A talisman could be a crystal, a special coin or bead, a seashell, or a rock that reminds you of your mantra or intention for the day.


Start small. Which idea lights you up? Which one makes your soul sing? Pick that one idea and look for ways to incorporate it into your day. Carve out little moments of self-care time for you. You deserve it.

Bonus Tip:

Use the Self Care Planner to help you help keep track of taking your supplements, daily meditation practice, how much sleep you’re getting, and more. It will teach you to develop practices that will nourish and sustain you. It’s the perfect compliment to your Five Senses Self Care Tool Kit.

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Your Five Senses Self Care Tool Box

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