Five Ways Water Can Help The Highly Sensitive Person

The highly sensitive person processes the environment differently. We absorb the emotions of others and the energy of our surroundings. Water cleanses us of this excess baggage.

We were formed in water and to water we return for solace.

People make annual treks to the ocean. We pay good money to relax in hot tubs, mineral baths, and saunas. When we are born we are bathed in water, when we are baptized anew we are sprinkled with water, and when we die we are washed with water.

Unbelievably, our brains are 70 percent water, our blood is 82 percent water, and our lungs a whopping 90 percent water! We are more water than we are skin and bones. Understandably, water heals and comforts us.

Goddess of Lakes, Springs, and Holy Waters

Water has held spiritual significance to humans for centuries.  Egyptians, Greeks, and even people of the Old Testament all used bathing to heal illnesses.

Native Americans perform sweat lodge rituals. When I apprenticed with herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, we did a sweat lodge. Afterwards, we jumped in a gigantic tub of water that was fed by a natural spring. It was freezing cold but I never felt so alive! Dousing yourself with cold water after a sauna has the same effect.

I believe my grandfather was a highly sensitive person. The fact that he fought in World War II didn’t help matters. He was an avid gardener. His garden was in an old corn field out in the country, about fifteen minutes from our house. I don’t know exactly how big his garden was, but he grew 5,000 onions every year. Those onions were only one small corner of the garden if that gives you any idea of its size. Obviously, being out in the middle of a field meant there was no hose handy. So how did he water it?

Five Ways Water Can Help The Highly Sensitive PersonHe kept empty milk jugs in the back of his old Ford pickup truck and drove to a natural spring in the woods which could only be accessed by climbing down a rocky bank. I never thought to ask him why he didn’t simply fill up the milk jugs at our house, but I believe the pilgrimage to that gurgling spring fed not only his plants but also his soul.

As a highly sensitive person, I have found water to be one of the quickest and simplest remedies to ground me.

Don’t live near the ocean? Can’t afford a hot tub? Here are five everyday ways to use water to bring relief to your sensitive soul:

Five Ways Water Can Help The Highly Sensitive Person

Drink water.

Nothing is as cleansing and refreshing as a cold glass of water in a beautiful clear glass. Try a glass of water infused with a crystal such as rose quartz for extra benefit. (Simply allow the water to sit with a crystal in it for about a day, preferably in the sun or moon light.)

Five Ways Water Can Help The Highly Sensitive Person

Take a shower or bath.

Bathing in water cleanses us of all of the negative and toxic energies we’ve picked up during the day. Try this relaxing shower meditation or this candlelight shower practice for the ultimate experience.

Go swimming.

There is healing value in immersing yourself in water. During a particularly difficult and lonely time in my life, I was living alone at college with no family and friends close by. In the evenings I would go to the pool and let the water wrap around me like a comforting hug.

Like a mother, water can hold and heal you.

Five Ways Water Can Help The Highly Sensitive Person

Embrace the rain.

Did you ever notice how you can smell when it is about to rain or how the atmosphere literally feels lighter after a rainfall? Whether you walk in it, dance in it, wash your face with it, or listen to it, it is magical. I have always had a love affair with the rain. I’ve been known to sit outside all day when we get the warm rains that spin off from hurricanes or race to the attic during a storm so I can hear the beat of the drops against the roof more clearly. I’ve never understood why people run indoors the second it starts to rain. It’s only water, and it feels so refreshing.

Five Ways Water Can Help The Highly Sensitive Person

Get a water fountain.

The bubbling sound of an indoor or outdoor water fountain can be extremely soothing. This is another tool I find helpful when I am struggling with the noise of the world. Not only do they provide calming sounds for your home, they are also a beautiful decoration.

I challenge you to try at least one of these remedies and share your experience in the comments!

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I found the gorgeous print of the Goddess of Lakes, Springs, and Holy Water featured at the beginning of this post, over at Alice Mason’s etsy shop.  I ordered one for myself and I cannot wait for it to arrive.

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Five Ways Water Can Help The Highly Sensitive Person

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