Candlelight EveningOne of my favorite rituals, especially as a Highly Sensitive Person, is to treat myself to a candlelight evening. It’s such a simple, yet super calming, activity.

Candlemas Day, celebrated on February 2nd, is usually the day of the year I set a side for this special night.

Supposedly, the prophet Simon predicted Jesus would become “the light of the world” on this day. Churches bless beeswax candles with holy water on Candlemas to send home with families. The Gaelic celebration of Imbolc is also celebrated at the same time of year. Later, Imbolc became known as St. Brigid’s Day. She is associated with sacred flames and holy wells and springs.

Candlelight EveningIn France, Candlemas Day is celebrated by making crepes. These tasty round golden orbs are considered symbols of the sun during one of the darkest times of the year. One of my favorite memories of my childhood is the year I persuaded my grandparents to eat crepes by candlelight. I can still see them sitting at the dimly lit table, a “Charlie Brown” poinsettia leftover from Christmas in the center of the table, eating crepes with a snow-like dusting of powdered sugar on top.

I think I’m in love with fire. Candles and incense, bonfires and fireplaces, passion and creative force, stars and sage, the rising and falling of the sun. The destruction of the old, the birth of the new.  -Victoria Erickson

Other Rituals for Candlemas:

  • Make your own beeswax candles. (There are super easy kits to make beeswax candles.)
  • Take stock of all of your other candles, trim wicks, and clean candle holders. (Thanks for the idea Sarah Ban Breathnach!)
  • In the evening, try to use only candlelight. Life by the soft glow of candlelight is a much more enchanting place, not to mention mirrors are much more forgiving! On evenings like these I’m reminded of the little pleasures that get lost in the pursuit of modern convenience.
  • Curl up and read a book. Something about the beeswax candles always makes me want to re-read my favorite novel of all time, The Secret Life Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. It is a must read. The story follows a young girl’s journey in search for true motherhood, following her into a magical world of three sisters who not only keep bees and make honey, but who have created an intriguing world of nurturing ritual and worship.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Honey for Health & Beauty

At last Gandalf pushed away his plate and jug- he had eaten 2 whole loaves (with masses of butter and honey and clotted cream) and and drunk at least a quart of mead- and took out his pipe.  J.R.R. Tolkien


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