I’ve spent a lifetime, literally, searching for a sense of purpose and a sense of peace. When my daughter was born I discovered she was my life’s purpose and a few years later The Abundant Mama Project has given me peace. While I realized that being a mom was what I was meant to be in life, I was still a ship desperately lost at sea.

The Abundant Mama Project gave me the tools I needed to organize my life and the words I needed to define the mom I wanted to be. Savoring Slow helped me live the experiences that I wanted my family to enjoy.

Slow Down & Savor SummerWorking with Shawn is what inspired me to start this blog. I needed a space to flesh out all that I was learning. I wanted to record and share how I was integrating it into the rhythm of my days. When I found out Savoring Slow was going to be published as a real, actual book I could hold in my hands I was beyond thrilled.

Savoring Slow BookI was greatly humbled and overwhelmed when I was asked to be a part of the Savoring Slow Book Tour.

How would I do it justice and where would I start? While I dearly love the Abundant Mama Project, Savoring Slow holds a special place in my heart because it was the catalyst where Shawn’s teachings transformed into priceless family memories. I wasn’t just learning anymore, I was living.

Living life is the story I choose to tell. -Shawn Fink, Savoring Slow

After reading Savoring Slow last summer, we…

weaved flowers in our hair.

Savoring a Slow Summer

ate drippy watermelon outside.

Savoring a Slow Summer

chased rainbows.

(Even my teacher “stay-at-home for the summer” husband got on board. Yes, that is a velvet Christmas dress you see my daughter wearing in the middle of July. He had dubbed it “Wear What You Want Wednesday.” Being bendy is another Abundant Mama lesson! We never did find the end, it kept moving!)

Savoring a Slow Summer

jumped in puddles.

Savoring a Slow Summer

danced under apple blossoms.

went creek stomping.

Savoring a Slow Summer

had impromptu picnics.

Savoring a Slow Summer

and played with the hose.

Savoring SlowRecently, I pulled out my tattered copy of Savoring Slow and re-visited all my favorite parts, pages full of highlights and stars, to prepare for this post.

One of my favorite sections of the book hit me smack in the face. Reframe. One of the twelve principles in the book.

“It will get done” is one of my favorite mantras that I learned from working with Shawn. It does get done, eventually. And what doesn’t get done wasn’t that important anyway. But lately, I’ve had a particularly extra busy schedule. I work full time as a supervisor. Annual employee performance reviews were due. I was packing for a week long vacation, and with a large part of it being off of it being off of the grid, it was making planning what to take more important than ever.

I wanted my daughter to have magical childhood memories of our trip and I wanted my husband to have the perfect vacation. (Did I mention his birthday fell during this “off the grid” experience?) I fell into the “busy trap” as Shawn calls it. I was trying to be everything for everyone and do it perfectly. But at what cost? Embarrassed, I realized my mantra had become “I’m so overwhelmed. How will I get everything done?” What a perfect time to re-visit the Savoring Slow Principles!

Realize that you don’t have that much to race toward- not at record breaking speed anyway. -Shawn Fink, Savoring Slow

When I read these words it was like a lens bringing my priorities sharply back into focus. And so, I am starting over. Revisiting each principle, one at a time.

It will get done, eventually.

I am warning you now, if you visit me any time soon, my floors may be dirty, there may be piles of laundry waiting to be done, and there might be weeds needing to be pulled. It will get done. Just maybe not today. Right now I am practicing slow living. If a rainstorm pops up, the dinner dishes may need to wait to get cleaned up while we run outside to jump in puddles before they evaporate.

I am making time for yes moments.

I’m making time for joy.

I am practicing gratitude.

“Go walk in the grass and say thanks for this life.” -Shawn Fink, Savoring Slow

I am well aware of the abundance that surrounds me.

This is when I am most at peace, in this sitting and taking it all in…I want more of these moments, not less. I want more living. Shawn Fink, -Savoring Slow

Get your copy of Savoring Slow here. You can read more posts about savoring a slow day from some lovely bloggers here.

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