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Every woman needs a special piece of jewelry that can act as an anchor, a mantra, a reminder to stop and just breathe. Something to make her feel beautiful.

Why? Mantras reduce anxiety and stress. They relieve depression. They are cleansing for for your mind, body, and soul. What exactly is a mantra? Basically, it is a word or phrase that you repeat to yourself over and over again.

Growing up in a Catholic household, for many years this item was naturally my rosary beads. As I got older, I used a set of novena beads to St. Theresa, the Little Flower.

Rosaries on a floral background

I still have them, and I still turn to them in my times of need, but I never thought about wearing jewelry on a daily basis as a form of a mantra or meditation until I discovered Liz Lamoreux.

Liz is the godmother of all mantra jewelry. I adore Liz’s jewelry. Her shop is called Soul Mantras & other Stories. I own a ton of her jewelry and have gifted quite a bit as well. (Liz also has an Etsy shop with some different products not featured on her other site.)

Images are from Soulmantras.com

Liz sells jewelry with hand stamped mantras, some made of meaningful gemstones, and some featuring her five deep breaths practice. Above are just a few of the pieces I own. Read all about their meaning and inspiration here:

1. The Voice Within labradorite necklace. 2. “I Am” Secret Message Bracelet. (I love that the message is on the underside of the bracelet so that only you know it’s there!) There are also have five dots on the outside of my bracelet to remind me to take five deep breaths. 3. Citrine Cairn necklace (for abundance and joy.) 4. Sea Glass Altar Necklace. Check out this ritual you can do with this piece. 5. Soul Mantra Rose Quartz necklace.

You really have to read Liz’s words to get a true appreciation for the sacred and special meaning of each piece.

How can mindful jewelry help you in your everyday life?

I wear my five deep breaths bracelet EVERYDAY. It’s the reminder I need when I’m having a difficult day at work, when I’m stuck in traffic on my commute home, or when I’m tired and tempted to be short with my daughter. When my heart is heavy or sad, I privately acknowledge these feelings by wearing my Soul Mantra Rose Quartz necklace. My Sea Glass Altar Necklace is a mini altar when I travel and I wear my The Voice Within necklace when I need a hand to hold during the day. Literally.

Other Jewelry Resources:

MantraBand is another favorite company of mine. Their bracelets come in gold, silver, or rose gold and look fabulous stacked together with multiple bangles.

MantraBand Bracelets

Recently, I discovered is A Mind Fuel Nest. (Love the name!) They offer various pieces of mindful jewelry at extremely reasonable prices.

fire in her soul bracelet

For example, this Fire in Her Soul Cuff is only $28!

And of course, there’s always lots of inspiration over at Etsy. Some of my favorites from various Etsy Shops:

Peace and Serenity: Smokey Quartz Gemstone Intention Necklace


Peace and Serenity: Smokey Quartz Gemstone Intention Necklace This necklace includes a smokey quartz crystal, a stone that is known for grounding a getting rid of stress. It also replaces fear and anxiety with calmness and assurance. Includes an Intention Card and an Intention Mantra. The Intention for this piece is: “I am calm and peaceful”.

Skinny Name Ring

CaitlynMinimalist is offering these stacked rings at 20% off right now. I love them! Their inspirational yoga jewelry is also 20% off.


Indolove Hand features stamped Mantra rings with lots lots of options (below).il_570xn-990494790_4c4q

Do you:

  • Need to find the perfect gift for someone who has everything?
  • Want to give a gift that is special and meaningful?
  • Want to give something that someone will truly love, cherish, and use all year round?
  • Need a self care treat just for you?

Then I urge you to check out these mindful jewelry resources today! They are perfect for Christmas presents, celebrating anniversaries, or just honoring the ordinary everyday routines of motherhood. And, who doesn’t like to wear a gorgeous piece of jewelry and feel beautiful in the process? Busy moms might not have time to worry about wearing lots of make up or spend hours styling their hair, but throwing on a bracelet for some daily support is definitely do-able!

Looking for more self care tools? You might want to check out my self care cards as well as these posts:

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