Practice Self Care On Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays, regardless of whether or not I was in a relationship. I love it all, the hearts, pink everywhere, flowers, and the focus on love in general, not just the romantic type. February is the perfect month to not only celebrate the people you love, but also a time to practice some intentional self care. Here are ten easy ways to practice a little hygge  and self care on Valentine’s Day:

1. Pajamas

Set aside some time to relax in your comfiest, coziest pajamas. If you don’t already have some, treat yourself to the most beautiful pair you can find.

2. Paint your toenails

Show yourself a little love by painting your toenails with some pretty pink polish.

Valentine's Day Hygge

3. Heart Marshmallows

While you’re curled up in those pj’s enjoy a mug of hot chocolate with heart shaped marshmallows.

Valentine's Day Hygge

4. Consider nursery food and a few good books.

Along with curling up in your pj’s with a mug of hot cocoa, why not add some nursery food and some good books to your bedside table?

Valentine's Day Hygge

5. Decorate your space with handmade hearts.

I love hearts! Making a paper garland of them is super easy and totally adds some hygge to your space.

Valentine's Day Hygge

6. Candles

Place candles all around your home. Candles are one the the cheapest and easiest ways to add romance and beauty to your home.

7. Take a relaxing bath & read a magazine.

essential oils with herbs on white backgroundBe sure to use some essential oils or bath salts. Better yet, take candlelight bath. Looking for a new magazine? My favorite magazine is Bella Grace. I don’t even know where to begin. It has nice thick paper, beautiful photographs, inspiring quotes and articles. I just love them. It’s half book, half magazine. It is totally worth the price. My only complaint is that it’s only published quarterly. I can’t wait for the next issue!

Bella Grace Magazine - Love the Life You Live

We believe: An ordinary life can be extraordinary, there is beauty in imperfection, and that magic can be found in the everyday. Bella Grace is meant to be savored. It is meant to get tossed in your beach bag, or tucked under your pillow to enjoy before bed. It is meant to be written in and dog-eared. It is meant to inspire you to discover magic in ordinary moments…Bella Grace

8. Buy yourself flowers or a terrarium.

Don’t wait for someone else to buy you flowers.  One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in life is to stop waiting around for other people to make you happy. Make yourself happy! Treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers or to one of the beautiful terrariums that are trending right now.

Valentine's Day Hygge

9. Mantra jewelry is another great gift idea for yourself or your beloved.

I’m totally addicted to mantra jewelry. Liz Lamoreux’s shop is my favorite. Her word of the year moon necklace is my new must have piece right now.

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10. Visit a salt room or get a salt lamp.

Their health benefits and warm sunny glow are perfect for this time of year.

What acts of self love will you practice this month? I’d love for you to share in the comments!

On a budget? Check out Ways To Save Money for Self Care for ideas on how to afford a few of these suggestions.

Other Hygge Ideas:


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Valentine's Day Hygge

This post does contain affiliate links. See my disclaimer here. Thanks for supporting me and my family!

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