Relaxation Practice

My daughter is my shadow. She follows me everywhere. Yes, even to the bathroom sometimes! Mama’s don’t get much privacy or time to themselves. You learn to steal moments where you can. Try this easy relaxation practice.

While you might not have the luxury of being able to take a long relaxing bath without any interruptions, a quick shower by candlelight can do wonders for your spirit.

romantic-tubs-athmoshere-with-five-candle-915x500I’ve always wished I had a giant bath tub, with edges wide enough for tons of candles, like this one. However, my current bathroom looks nothing like this.

Don’t let what you don’t have get you down! There are still plenty of ways to work with what you do have. Look what a few simple tealights can do.Relaxation Practice

My bathroom is very small and narrow, with no space for candles around my tub. Not to be defeated, I hung this candle holder on the wall next to my bathtub. Not quite the bathroom of my dreams but it does the trick! Candlelight has a magical way of making anything look beautiful and peaceful. No time or energy to even light a few candles? No problem! A nightlight works too. When I’m too exhausted to even bother lighting the candles I just turn out the lights and the light-sensitive nightlight automatically turns on. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

IMG_8197Bonus Tip:

The next time you clean your shower head, take a really close look.  I mean a really close look. Seriously. I will admit that I lived in my current house for approximately five years before I realized that my shower head had a massage setting on it. I just mindlessly cleaned, trying to rush through it and get the task done. One day I finally happened to notice the tiny words “Trickle, Spray, Combination, Massage” barely visible, on the edge of my shower head. What a great discovery that was! (It is also surprisingly easy to change your shower head yourself if you want to purchase a new one. We did that once in our spare bathroom and you basically unscrewed the old one and then screwed on the new shower head, just like changing a light bulb. I can’t promise switching shower heads is always that easy though!)

Here are some other quick and inexpensive, but luxurious, ideas from my Ideas for a Small Bathroom Pinterest board:

Driven By Décor: Decorating With Apothecary Jars

Simple and graceful.

The rustic finish belies the artistry in this three slot towel rack complete with scrolled basket for artisanal soaps, bathing sponges or washcloths. Hand crafted in cottage industries abroad. brbr...

This update easily fits in a small space and would hardly cost anything. Something about this just says “spa” to me.

Cute and practical back-of-the-cabinet-door storage!

I so want one of these for inside the vanity door under my bathroom sink! I’ve been on the hunt for one for quite some time, but all I find are wire ones. I am in love with how these have the words “Relax” and “Pamper” on them.

My self-care mama challenge to you:

The next time you take a shower, light a few candles, turn out the light, take a deep breath and relax. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Check out more self care and relaxation ideas here.

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Relaxation Practice



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