Peaceful Pauses: Self Care Card Deck for Moms

Motherhood can be hard, especially at first. It can feel like life changes overnight. Trying to tackle breastfeeding and crying babies, while healing from childbirth, not to mention dealing with fluctuating hormones, is overwhelming. I know, because for months I walked around like a sleep deprived zombie after my daughter was born. I felt so alone. Are you trying to find a way to work self care into your days but didn’t have the time or energy to think beyond the next feeding or diaper change?

Do you want to:

  • create pockets of time to take care of yourself?
  • feel uplifted?
  • make your home a haven?
  • feel hopeful?
  • find a sense of balance?
  • nurture yourself?
  • feel replenished?
  • gain a sense of calm among the chaos?


Then this deck is for you!

Moms need a gentle hand to walk them through the times when everything feels like one big blur of feeding, changing diapers, and sleepless nights. We need a friend to help us weave self care and calm into our days. That’s why I’ve created this deck of cards. There are thirty cards, one for each day of the month.

These cards contain bite-size, tangible ideas to help make the postpartum period more calm and peaceful for yourself. They are simple yet comforting ideas to guide you through your days.



Beautiful & stunning. The messages are perfect. They gave me the shivers and brought tears to my eyes. Just what women need.” Leonie Dawson


Self Care Cards
Like feathers falling from the sky, each card takes only a few moments to implement, a short peaceful pause.


“These cards are brilliant reminders for new mothers.  Along the way women have lost the mentorship of the the Wise Woman, The Crone, who guides them through motherhood.  With our family tribes spread far and wide, we are left to figure it out on our own. We seek out modern mentors and tap into our inner wisdom like never before.  Even with a mentor to lead the way, motherhood is perilous journey.

You will still stumble, you will still be stripped down to your bones. You’ll still be required to gather your bones, rebuild yourself, and be re-birthed  as a Mother. You cannot escape that process. BUT, it is such a wonderful gift from the Universe when you find some guideposts along the way. A road map. A life vest. Someone a little further ahead in the journey, who takes the time to stop, turn back, hold an outstretched hand to you and says, “come on, you can do it, this is the way”.

– Stephanie Brandt Cornais founder of the blog Mama & Baby Love  and creator of the Art of Motherhood School

They are little feathers of hope, designed to help you to move through the months feeling more peaceful and supported. Feathers to remind you to lighten up when things are feeling heavy. They are a gentle reminder that you are not alone in this.


“These cards are just what a new mom needs to feel renewed and refreshed during the ordinary bliss of taking care of a baby or toddler. Refreshing and soothing all at once!”

-Shawn Fink, founder of The Abundant Mama Project




Self Care Cards


Question:  Is this deck only for new moms?
Answer: No, not at all! While the original premise for these cards was for new moms, 95% of them can be applied to any motherhood season. Only about five cards are specifically for new moms.

Question: Are these cards only available as PDF’s?
Answer: No! A printed version can be ordered here.

Question: Do these cards cards require me to buy anything else?
Answer: No, except possibly a bottle of essential oil if you want to. These ideas are designed to use what you already have on hand. They are not ideas like like “go get a massage” or “get your haircut.” They are practices you can put into place that take only a few minutes a day.

Question: How much time does each card require? I’m a busy mom!
Answer: These ideas are designed to take only a few seconds to five minutes at most.

How can you get these supportive cards in your hands?


1. You can purchase the print on demand pdf version for only $7.99 and receive them instantly. No time to print and cut out cards? No worries! As well as the card format, you will also receive a free ebook with the messages organized as daily readings.

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2. Buy the printed version below.




“These are absolutely gorgeous and a great way to begin the journey into motherhood. It has been several years since I have been a brand new mother, but reading these are great reminders to take time for myself and to honor the goddess in me!”

-Lety Murphy creator of the online courses Sacred Scent, Scent for Birthworkers, and Sacred Tea, part of the Sacred Living Movement and founder of Peaceful Heart Essence.





“The Peaceful Pauses Deck is absolutely lovely. The colors, images and messages are so calming and nurturing. I loved that each one was something for mums to do for themselves and that they each took only a couple of minutes. It’s not always possible to be away from the kids or take big chunks of alone time, but all of the ideas and exercises can be done in the moments in between to help mums reconnect with themselves and take care of the person who takes care of everyone else. So beautiful and so important.” -Christine Marion-Jolicoeur, Parenting Coach, contributor to The New Mama Welcome Pack







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Self Care Cards

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