Welcome to your oasis, your haven, your net of self care ideas for the tired mama who is in need of some encouragement and refreshment.

Soulful Self Care

Here you’ll find tons of ideas to replenish and renew your spirit, to help you soften and relax. From tips while traveling, to creating a sacred altar, to why science says it really is good to cry. There’s even a free library for subscribers full of all sorts of goodies such as a self care toolkit, ebooks, bookmarks, a self care checklist, and more.

Your Self CareToolbox

These posts are not essays on philosophies or parenting advice. They contain ideas that are about actual, tangible tools, such as mantras, mantra jewelry, supportive resources for only $50 a year and more!


Self Care For the Highly Sensitive Person

Are you sensitive to noise or bright lights?  Do you feel what other people are feeling? Are you introverted and crave time alone? Do you avoid crowds? You just might be what Elaine Aron, PhD. a psychologist (and author of The Highly Sensitive Person) calls the “Highly Sensitive Personality.” Read more to find out if you (or your children!) are Highly Sensitive People and ways to cope.

Hygge: The Simple Things

Would you like to slow down and embrace the little things? Do you long to practice more simplicity? Then the Danish practice of hygge (pronounce hoo-gah)  just might be for you. Hygge is the concept of coziness…the art of creating warmth, comfort, and well being through connection, treasuring the moment, and surrounding yourself with things you love.

Self Care Meditations

Do you feel like you have no time or energy to learn to meditate?  Everything we do in life can be turned into a meditation in motion. Washing dishes, folding laundry, pulling weeds. It’s all the same. They are all bells of mindfulness. Get inspiration on quick and easy meditations for the busy mom and learn about the wonderful health benefits it provides.

  Rituals For Self Care

Ideas for weaving sacred and calming moments into your days. Rituals ground us, slow down time and help us notice the holy in our days.

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I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.