Self Care Tips While Traveling
Traveling can be absolutely wonderful, but have you ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation when you got home? One way to prevent this is to plan time to practice these self care travel tips while you are away from home.

Vacations are supposed to be fun, laid back, lazy days. Time away from our jobs and housework and responsibilities of life. However, they also mean kids (and grownups!) getting off of schedules, overindulging on junk food, and not sleeping well. But even as a mom traveling with littles under foot there’s still a few ways to sneak in some self care.

This year take some time to do a little extra planning ahead of time to prevent “vacation burnout” and truly relax during your getaway! Here are ten self care tips for traveling:

1. Pack some trial size products of expensive soaps, scrubs, and bubble baths that you normally might not be able to afford if they were full size.

Considering pairing this with a shower meditation in the evenings.

10 Self Care Tips When Traveling

2. Pack a sound machine.

Sleeping in a strange place can make it difficult the fall asleep. Also, if you’re vacationing with others,  a sound machine can help drown out those who might be early risers and allow you to get a little extra shut eye!

3.  Check out the amenities where you are staying. Is there a hot tub or a pool?

I can’t tell you how many years I traveled and never took advantage of the hot tub. If you have little ones, trade off babysitting duties with other people you’re traveling with, or your significant other, so you each get  a chance to enjoy.

4. Pack some tea bags.

There’s nothing more comforting or soothing than a warm cup of herbal tea. Try a blend of chamomile, passionflower, and valerian. Or, A Cup of Calm by Traditional Medicinals. It can reduce anxiety and stress and help cure insomnia.

5. Set up a small altar so that you can have a space of your own.

Having a space of our own to recenter is critical. My favorite altar piece right now is this sea glass altar necklace by Liz Lamoreoux.

Renew New Year's Goal

Other items for your altar:

6. A miniature statue.

I love this tiny child sculpture from Bell Pine Art Farm.

7. A gem such as an amethyst for healing and helping one sleep.

8. Self care cards.

Some of my favorites are the One Move Mini Inspiration Deck, Kris Carr’s Love Notes cards, Angels cardsMother’s Wisdom Deck and Peaceful Pauses Self Care cards.

9. Shoyeido’s sample incense kit and a small incense burner.

10 Self Care Tips When Traveling

10. A tea light candle or a small battery operated candle.

And, don’t forget to pack cozy socks or slippers, a warm blanket, and a comfy pillow!

10 Self Care Tips When Traveling

So, for your next vacation, be sure set up a tiny altar space in your bedroom. Delight in little luxuries during your shower, then make a cup of herbal tea. With your hands wrapped around a warm cup of tea, step outside and take a few deep breaths of the night air. Gaze up at the heavens, and sink your bare feet into the earth. Thank the universe for this moment of stillness. Before turning in for bed, pause for a few minutes before your altar, say a prayer of thanksgiving for all of the great memories created today. Soak in these few moments of solitude, this little cocoon of self care. Rejoice in this vacation of true renewal and replenishment.

Please share your ideas and comments on self care during traveling in the comments! I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Self Care Tips for Travel

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