Repel Mosquitoes Does concern over the Zika have you searching for ways to repel mosquitoes? The virus has recently been reported in the United States. It’s no longer something that only “other people” need to worry about.

Lazy summer evenings sitting on my deck are one of my favorite ways to savor a slow summer.

Don’t let fear of mosquitoes keep you indoors this year!

Why not my secret weapon? Always amazed when they smell copal incense, my friends can’t believe it also keeps mosquitoes away.

(Now, I’m not saying it will protect you against the Zika virus of course, and if you’re pregnant maybe you do want to consider limiting your time outdoors this summer!)

My discovery occurred several years ago when my husband and I vacationed in Tulum, Mexico. We went on an eco-tour to meet local Mayans still living in the jungle. During a ceremony, a shaman circled around us, enveloping us in the exotic and intoxicating fragrance of copal. The smoke swirled around us.

Our guide explained that copal resin, which is actually sap from the Protium Copal tree, not only has religious significance, it also keeps pesky mosquitoes away.

You can buy copal resin and burn it on little charcoal bricks in a hanging burner, or you can purchase copal incense sticks.

Stone Incense on wooden boardNot only is copal extremely effective in keeping insects away, trust me when I say it smells fabulous. It’s not at all like the traditional citronella odor we are used to here in the states.

There’s something relaxing and sacred about watching the smoke from incense as it spirals upward toward the heavens.

Later in the week, we were lucky enough to find a vendor at a farmer’s market in town that was selling copal. We stocked up on almost four pounds of resin to take home with us!

Rucherwerk zum VerkaufAre you planning an outdoor excursion where burning incense isn’t convenient? Never fear! Consider using this alternative option, a natural bug spray that also smells amazing.

Do you enjoy slow evenings on the deck? Are you planning on hosting an outdoor dinner or party? Throwing a Fourth of July barbeque?

The following are five reasons to stock up on some copal incense or resin:

  • You won’t have to worry about pesky mosquitoes.
  • It’s safe for babies and kids.
  • There’s no chemical burden for our bodies to deal with.
  • It’s extremely budget friendly.
  • You’ll  get tons of compliments on its amazing scent.

And, now that you’re covered for lazy summer evenings, for lazy summer days you might want to consider an all-natural sunscreen like Sun Shield to protect you from the sun.

It’s one of their best sellers with a 95% feedback rating. Sun Shield is a totally new type of natural  “sunscreen” — it soothes your skin, and protects at a cellular level against free radical damage.

More Summer Inspiration:

Your guests will thank you for it!

Repel Mosquitoes

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