Mindfulness Meditation

Contemplating the miracle of rain is a great exercise in mindfulness meditation. If we had never seen rain before, imagine our delight at seeing water fall from the sky!

We would be rushing outside to dance in the rain if we thought it was the only one we would ever experience.

Mindful Meditation.

Rather than battle Mother Nature, I’m learning to match my pace to the weather and step in sync with it. There are so many fun things to do in the rain.

Lately, I feel like I live in Seattle or London. It has rained nearly every day for two weeks. The last few years though, I have developed a certain appreciation for all the different types of weather and seasons, embracing each one for the lessons it brings. Recently, we had been super busy preparing for a large party. I felt exhausted and worn out. When the rain arrived, instead of loathing it and wishing in away, I welcomed the opportunity for leisurely evenings at home, snuggling with my daughter. Rest was just what I needed.

Recently my daughter and I started a ritual that when it rains, we run up to the attic to lay and listen to the rain drops pitter pattering on the roof.

 walking barefoot through the puddles
If it happens to be raining where you live, take a moment to step outside and let the water wash over your face and down your shoulders.

Sink your bare feet into the muddy earth. Feel the cleansing energy of the rain, washing away all of your worries, your stress, and your heartaches.

paper boat in the rainDance in the rain.  Float paper boats.

jumping in puddlesChase rainbows. Jump in puddles.

No rain right now where you live? Try this centering exercise that I would often begin yoga class with:

Hand catching clean falling water close up outdoor

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Mindfulness Meditation




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