Meditation for BeginnersDo you feel too anxious to sit still and meditate? Don’t think you have the time? Do you find it intimidating? My favorite meditation practice for beginners requires a simple birthday candle.

Years ago, when I was suffering from severe anxiety, a friend shared this tip with me. He said that when he was experiencing a difficult time in his life and was so full of anxiety he could barely sit still, he decided to use birthday candles for his meditation practice. You don’t have to sit for 30 or 45 minutes. Just the time it takes for a little birthday candle to burn. Less than ten minutes. Nothing fancy is required!

Instructions for Meditation For Beginners:

  • Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair.
  • Let your body relax and imagine it sinking into the earth, rooting yourself deeply.
  • Gaze at the candlelight, soften your focus, lower your eyes, and watch the candle burn.
  • Focus on your breath, slowly breathing in and out.
  • If your thoughts wander, just imagine a box off in the corner.
  • Put the thoughts in the box and bring your attention back to the flame and to your breath.
  • Once the candle has completely burned, inhale deeply raise your shoulders to your ears and then exhale and drop your shoulders.

Meditation for Beginners

Notice how calm and peaceful you feel. Don’t worry if you struggle the first few times. Meditation takes practice. The more you do it, the more quickly you’ll be able to drop into that calm space.

I can sneak this simple meditation in while my daughter is in the bathtub or while she is watching her favorite show before bedtime. I find that when I make the time to do this regularly, I am less anxious for my daughter to fall asleep so that I can have “my time.” I feel a spaciousness and a flow to my days. Try it for yourself! I’d love for you to share your experiences here.

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Meditation for Beginners

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