Quality Essential Oils. essential oil safety, Young Living or Do Terra, Young Living, Do Terra, best essential oils,real essential oils, therapeutic essential oilsAre you constantly wondering which essential oils are better? Are Young Living or Do Terra quality essential oils?

Essential oils are all the rage right now, but my friends, not all oils are the same. I’ve been debating chiming in on this discussion for quite some time now but I didn’t want any of the drama surrounding the topic. However, if you are using oils, I really want you to experience the beauty and depth of real quality essential oils.  At the risk of getting a flurry of negative comments, I don’t buy either brand and here’s why:

First of all, I’m just really turned off by the constant debates, lawsuits, and inner fighting between the two companies.

Second, they are both multi-level marketing companies (MLM’s).

While there isn’t really anything completely wrong with MLMs, and they can help people earn an income, it means that prices have to be raised so that individuals at the top to make money. I also get concerned about cutting costs (& therefore quality) to save money.

Quality Essential Oils. essential oil safety, Young Living or Do Terra, Young Living, Do Terra, best essential oils, real essential oils, therapeutic essential oils Third, quality.

There have been some accusations that, when tested independently, some of both companies’ oils came up with synthetic fragrances in them. I can’t say if this is true or not, but it does concern me. (By the way, did you know there is no such thing as therapeutic grade essential oils? Essential oils don’t have grades.)

Also, I don’t care for the fact that Young Living won’t provide release their GC/MS testing (for quality and purity) because they say they are protecting proprietary secrets. Every essential oil should come with this.

When I studied with Jeanne Rose, a famous and well-respected aromatherapist, she had a whole table lined up with probably 60 some oils to smell and use. I’m telling you, I’ve never smelled anything like those essential oils!

She knows her oils and where to get them. Even my yoga students could tell the difference when I used them in class. I never got so many compliments as I did when I switched to Jeanne’s supplier at the time, CH Imports. (The owner of CH Imports has since passed away and the business is now closed.)

Searching for a new supplier, I came across Lisa at Enchanted Essences, also endorsed by Jeanne Rose. Lisa’s oils have the same quality as CH Imports, probably because she purchases many of them from of the same wholesale sellers. All of her oils are pure, organic, wildcrafted, grown without pesticides, unadulterated, and tested for quality and purity. Her website lists where each oil comes from, its Latin name, parts of the plant used, chemical constituents, processing method, uses and safety concerns. They are free of  pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. (All of this information is the sign of a well trained aromatherapist!)

I will admit, the OCD organizer part of me does love those colored labels on the tops of the bottles of those other companies. But, I recently found out you can purchase sheets of these essential oil stickers from Plant Life for only $4.95. Hallelujah. Now I can stop drooling.

Lisa does offer custom blends for no charge. Best of all, you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders, no minimum purchase required!

Now, I’m not saying other oils are all bad, I’m just saying if you want to experience essential oils at another level Enchanted Essences is the way to go. The Essential 6 Pack is a great place to start. I’d love to hear your experiences and favorite brands.

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