10 Ideas for Cozy Living

Hygge is the Danish concept of coziness…the art of creating warmth, comfort, and well being, treasuring the moment, and surrounding yourself with things you love. -Pia Edberg

In case you haven’t heard, I’m totally in love with the Danish art of hygge. I’m on a mission to incorporate the feeling of hygge in my home.

Do you want a home that feels welcoming as soon as you walk through the door? A refuge from the busyness of life? A place to slow down? Then try a little hygge in your home!

If you’d like some inspiration on creating a home that exudes warmth an comfort, here are ten ways I’m currently making my home more cozy:

1. White twinkle lights.

It’s amazing the atmosphere a simple set of white twinkle lights can create. They are my new favorite (fast, easy, & cheap!) decorating technique.

2. Create a tea or “drink basket.”

Think hot cocoa, gourmet coffee, or herbal teas. My grandmother and I used to collect the free miniatures that came in each box of Red Rose English Tea. I’m thrilled that they still offer a free miniature in each box and I can continue this tradition with my daughter. Add a cute tea strainer, sugar cubes, and honey to your basket. For an extra special touch treat yourself to some sugar cubes decorated with flowers.

3. Sugar doilies.

If you want to splurge and up your drink basket a notch, try these sugar doilies from Sweet Marvel Lace over on Etsy. I just received mine and I’m in love. They are absolutely stunning.

Hygge is the Danish concept of coziness…the art of creating warmth, comfort, and well being through connection, treasuring the moment, and surrounding yourself with things you love.
Image courtesy of SweetMarveLace.

4. Broth.

In addition to coffee, teas, and cocoa, broth makes an excellent drink. Try my broth recipe with secret ingredients to keep your family healthy all year long. My daughter loves drinking a cup of broth just like tea.

10 Ideas for Cozy Living

5. Candles.

Along with twinkle lights, I adore candles. Tasha Tudor always said everything looks more beautiful by the glow of candlelight  and I can’t argue with that. There is something rustic and magical about it. I often wish we lived in a word where we had to use candlelight at night. How much easier it would be to slow down in the evenings and unwind!

10 Ideas for Cozy Living

6. Nursery food.

The cookbook Square Meals introduced me to the comforting concept of nursery food.  Think back to when you were a child and what your favorite comfort foods were. Stock up on them and add them to a corner of your cupboard. My favorites include cream of wheat, animal crackers, chicken and stars soup.

7. Children’s dishes.

Along with nursery food comes children’s dishes. They aren’t just for children! One feels much more cozy eating out of a porcelain bowl decorated with Peter Rabbit rather than a plain dish. I still remember my childhood plate with dividers to separate the food and pictures of Mother Goose characters. I also love my teddy bear cinnamon shaker.

10 Ideas for Cozy Living

8. Mug or teacup.

Pick your favorite mug or teacup. My current favorite is this one with a “sweater” on it. If I knew how to knit I’d be making these for all of my mugs!

Cup of tea

9. Blankets and Slippers

A pair of special slippers and a chunky knit or cashmere blanket are a must. (Tip: Check your local Goodwill store. They get items that Target doesn’t end up selling. I’ve snagged a faux fur throw and a blue cable knit blanket from them at a fraction of the cost!)

10. Essential Oils

Essential oils such as pine, cinnamon, clove, orange, or vanilla make great choices for your diffusor.



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What items help you practice the art of Hygge and make your home more cozy? Please share in the comments, I’d love to hear about them.

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