Family Fun and Be a Yes MamaDo you ever wish you could practice more positive parenting, have some family fun, and me a “yes mama”?

What will your motherhood legacy be?

This may have been the single most important question Shawn Fink, from The Abundant Mama Project, has challenged me with. I’ve thought about this question long and hard.

I want my daughter to remember her mother as someone who laughed easily, was lighthearted, loved unabashedly, who wasn’t afraid to get wet in the rain. I want her to look back and remember a childhood filled with love and joy and magic.

But I’ll be honest, it isn’t always easy to be the mother I want to be. There’s cleaning to be done, groceries to be purchased, stressful days at work, and bills that need paid. I catch myself feeling irritable, rushed, and impatient. Couple all of that with the fact that I’m an introverted, highly sensitive, serious person by nature and it’s a real challenge to remember to be positive and have fun everyday.

party preparation

That’s why I keep some special tools on hand. They help remind me to lighten up, celebrate the little things, and make every day special.

I keep a supply of various food picks, cookie cutters, and rainbow sprinkles to quickly make any meal special. Going against all of my best real food goals, I admit I keep a supply of chocolate lava cakes in the freezer for impromptu treats.

I also always have birthday candles on hand. Birthday candles don’t have to be just for cake. I’ve put candles on pancakes or even chicken!

Children love to blow out candles and make a wish, no matter what type of food they’re lighting up.

We also have this really fun glass straw which we’ve dubbed the “Celebration Straw.” Whenever someone has special news or a milestone to celebrate, they get to use the straw for the day.

Photo by AoDesigns
Photo by AoDesigns


I purchased this sweet little fork at AoDesigns over on etsy. We use it at dinner when one of us has had a particularly bad day and needs a little cheering up. It mysteriously shows up at the loved one’s place setting like a virtual hug.

Colorful sparkler, close-up.

Rest assured, not all of our celebrations involve food! Around the Fourth of July, I stock up on sparklers so we can celebrate with them year round.

Hearts in buckets

Spinning off of another idea from The Abundant Mama Project, we keep a jar full of paper hearts in our kitchen. When anyone needs a hug, they can pull a heart out of the jar and give it to the person of their choice. Other times, we’ll also surprise each other at bedtime with a pillow covered in paper hearts. Its an occasional surprise, another little way to say I love you.

126606320_2My latest celebration tool is this garland that I purchased from Ten Thousand Villages. Each of the seven little squares has a heart on it which is actually a small pocket big enough for a little note. I’ve got lots of plans for this new treasure! A week of notes about what you love about someone., a week of clues leading up to a special surprise, various “coupons” for different surprises the week of your birthday. The ideas are endless.

What is your motherhood legacy?

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Family Fun and Be a Yes Mama



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