Sunlight improves our mood so much that the lack of it can actually cause a depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder. The sun also plays important role in the growth of plants.  Therefore, the subtle light of the moon is just as valuable to us. Due  to the phases of the moon, there are preferred times to plant seeds, weed, and harvest our produce. Just as we make tea by the light of the sun, we can also make tea by the light of the moon.

A celestial body some 250,000 miles from earth causes the tides of our vast oceans to ebb and flow on a daily basis. Unbelievable! Therefore, I have always felt a deep connection to the moon. In astrology, the moon is regarded as a very wise, nurturing, feminine energy. Since about 70-80% of our bodies are water, we are actually more water than we are skin and bones.

We evolved in the ocean… and, along with land plants, we now must carry the ocean water within our skins… bathing the outside surfaces of our cells as if they were single-celled organisms in the sea. -herbalist Michael Moore

How to Make Lunar Tea

It stands to reason then, that the moon affects our physical bodies. Just as the forces of the moon push and pull on the waters of the sea, so too does it push and pull on our human bodies, our salty tears, our watery beings.

Given the connection between the moon, the oceans, and our bodies, I find it so fascinating that my water broke on the full moon. Therefore, I call my daughter my little full moon baby.

Apparently the Latin word “luna” means moon. Years ago people noticed a correlation between the ups and downs of one’s mental state and the moon, therefore the word lunatic was derived.

In Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbs for the Home Medicine Chest, she reminds us that we are children of the sky and that working with the light of the stars and the moon adds a special touch to our teas.

Rosemary goes on to say that lunar tea is subtle and magical and the fairies love it! Being lunar tea, it does have a bit of “lunacy” in it and is an excellent remedy for when you are feeling too serious. I also think it makes a lovely face wash or cleansing room spray.

The fluid energies of the earth are strong. Our bodies respond to the great magnetic forces set in motion by the energies of the moon. Observe the cycles of the moon and their effect on you…If working with these forces may seem foreign to you, think about the powerful influence the moon has our lives…All the fluid energy of the earth responds to the moon cycles. Animals and plants are also directly affected by the cycles of the moon.  Though there have been numerous scientific studies conducted on the effects the moon has on life on earth, the mystery has not been lessened. The magic of the moon’s influence on our lives cannot be explained in rational terms. It can only be felt and experienced.
-from Herbal Healing for Women by Rosemary Gladstar

Lunar Tea Instructions:

  • First, find a beautiful crystal bowl and fill it with water.
  • In the light of the full moon, place the crystal bowl.
  • Next, place herbs in the bowl of water and let it sit in the moonlight over night. We place our bowl in the middle of the herb garden. My daughter absolutely loves this ritual.
  • Once morning arrives, strain and enjoy!
  • Some of my favorite herbs for lunar teas are chamomile, hibiscus, passion flower, borage flowers, and lemon balm. There are no exact measurements to worry about, just add what feels right.

If you really want to get your moon loving goddess on, check out some of my favorite moon resources from around the web:


Bronwyn at The Artful Life (I just love her blog!) offers a subscription for a monthly full moon journal. Each moon journal contains information on the new and full moon, a printable moon mandala for you to track your daily moods and cycles, new and full moon rituals, and absolutely gorgeous artwork by Bronwyn.

Susan Branch graciously makes a free full moon bookmark each year. The other side features the dates and names of each full moon for the year.

Susan Branch Moon Bookmark 2015Put together by Cate Stillman at Yoga Healer, is a lovely free printable to guide you through the yoga Moon Salutations.

yoga sequence *Print + Pin to Fridge*

One  of my favorite bloggers, Jessica Dimas, came out with a Manifesting With The Moon printable pack. Also, be sure to check out her post on her binder.

Probably on of my favorite’s is this Lunar Cycle Necklace at Northboheme’s etsy shop. Not only gorgeous, it’s so affordable!

Lunar cycle necklace * Moon phase * Layer gold moon necklace * Gold filled * Personalized gift note * Perfect gift *

I so want one of these crystal altars from Stone and Violet, also on etsy. (Update: No longer available! 🙁 )


Another favorite, this Gold Moon Chime at Free People, is totally going on my Christmas wish list!

Finally, a few things for the little ones:

Perfect for young children, this recordable version of the classic children’s storybook, Under the Same Moon is wonderful for fostering an early love and appreciation of the moon.
Under the Same Moon

An option for older kids is this free Printable Moon Journal over at Buggy and Buddy.

Free Moon Observation Journal for Kids~

Lastly, for more inspiration follow my Moon board over on Pinterest:

Follow Your Nurturing Nook’s board The Moon on Pinterest.

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