The Best Freebies For MomsI’ve searched the net to find the most inspiring and supportive mama freebies from some of the most talented mom bloggers. Here’s my roundup:

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1. Kayse Pratt from Intentional Moms offers a free guide to creating a daily routine as well as access to her library of the free mama resources.

The Busy Mom's GuideI’m also a big fan of her Organized Life Planner. Someday I will have a planner that looks this good, stickers and all!

And, her book Everyday Hope: Real Encouragement for Worn & Weary Moms. This book was actually how I discovered Kayse. The title says it all.

2. As a former Abundant Mama Alum, I can’t recommend enough anything that Shawn Fink is willing to give away. She coaches other moms on how to parent more peacefully so that they can enjoy happy, healthy families. Right now, if you go to her website she is offering a freebie on how to craft your Abundant Mama guiding philosophy.

Abundant Mama Freebie

3. A recent discovery for me, Earth Mama Baby Organics, features a free Lying-In Postpartum Plan. I wish desperately I had known about something like this when my daughter was born. I can’t say enough how important it is to plan for the postpartum time.

Post Partum Plan Freebie
Earth Mama’s Free Lying-in Postpartum Plan

They also have an amazing line of herbal products for moms and babies. I so wish I had this C-section kit when I gave birth! Check out their whole product line. They have plenty of items that would make great baby shower gifts as well as helpful, everyday items for you and your baby or child.

4. The New Mama Welcome Pack. Again, another one that I would have given anything to have known about when my daughter was born. The New Mama Welcome Pack features well known mama bloggers such as Kathy Stowell, Lisa Grace Bryne, Megan Flatt and more. It is seriously ridiculous how much awesomeness is included in this pack. You get information from over 60  artists, writers, bloggers, and many gorgeous and generous creative women, including 10 audios, 1 course, 28 videos, 5 printables (art, planners, and worksheets), 12 ebooks, and 44 practical and heartfelt essays. This product is a must have for any new mama and would be another perfect baby shower gift. Right now you can sign up for a free crash course: Motivation & Mindset for Mothers to Be.

Free Parenting CourseClick here to view more details

5. Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom, considered one of the original mom bloggers, offers a library of freebies to her subscribers including this book, Five Days to a Better Morning.

Once you your mornings are under control,  you might want to check out her shop with several inspiring courses including the Make Over Your Evening class.

6. Dating Divas

I really, really love the Dating Diva’s website. It might sound like a strange name for moms looking for self care, but once you take a moment to explore their website you’ll understand why I love them. They have great tips and products on how to strengthen your marriage after having children, but they don’t stop there. Their products also offer ideas on how to have more family fun, retreats, party and holidays ideas, and more. All of their products come with gorgeous printables and are extremely affordable. You really should take a few minutes to check out their site. They switch up their freebies from time to time, but right now they’re offering a free 7 Day Love Program.

Dating Divas Freebie


7. At Your Modern Family, you’ll find a ridiculous amount of free challenges available including the De-Clutter Challenge, More One on One Time With Your Kids, a Potty Training Coloring Book, and more. They also have a gorgeous catch all planner for sale which tracks menu calendars, cleaning schedules, school schedules, chore lists, budget printables, finance sheets & more. Click here to view more details


Free Courses For Parents

8. Blessing Manifesting

This has been my most recent favorite discovery. I love this site! It’s full of awesome articles and ideas on self care that I’ve not seen anywhere else. Plus, there is a generous amount of absolutely gorgeous self care freebies available.

Free Self Care Goodies


9. Over at Sleeping Should Be Easy, you’ll find the free ebook, Time Management Strategies for the Overwhelmed Mom.

Also, some of my favorite books  from Nina are 31 Days to Better Parenting and How To Get Your Baby to Sleep Without Being Held.

10. I love Jessica’s work! She writes the most beautiful posts and ideas on self care. When you sign up for her Jessica Dimasnewsletter at you’ll get subscriber only discounts and free digital goodies. Be sure to also check out her Sacred Shop. I’m intrigued by her work on the laws of attraction, something I plan on digging deeper into later this year.

Moon Mantras11. Leah Cherry Kent is offering a beautiful Moon Mantra book when you sign up for her email list. She also has a Intuitive Moon Rituals Guidebook that is on my wishlist.



Back To School Yoga12. While she doesn’t offer any freebies on her website, if you sign up for Theresa Power’s newsletter she’ll send you an occasional free printable like this one. The illustrations are absolutely stunning. She’s my favorite go to for kids yoga.

Time Management Strategies

13. Yogi Surpise offers a free self love e-guide on their blog. They’re a sweet little company that offers two different subscriptions where you get monthly boxes of yoga goodies including healthy foods, jewelry, and more!

14. Leonie Dawson has an Inspirational Library full of too many goodies to mention them all! There are videos, wallpapers, coloring books, zines, posters and more.

15. And, of course a shameless plug for my own freebies that I’ve created for all of my Beloved Readers and Kindred Spirits. When you sign up for my email list, you’ll get access to the Self Care Library which includes a self care toolkit, self care printable, bookmarks, ebooks, book plates, a mini e-course, and more.Self Care Library

We’re all here to help and support each other. Do you know of any great free mama resources or wish to have yours added to this list? Please share in the comments.

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The Best Freebies For Moms

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