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When was the last time you took a few moments for yourself? Read a good book? Treated yourself to your favorite coffee? Got a full night’s sleep? If you’re like me, you’re so busy taking care of everyone else that you put yourself last and somehow never get to you. That’s why you need a self care checklist!

To prevent burnout, we need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves just as well as we take care of everyone else.I’m a list maker by nature. I love lists. I carry them with me on a daily basis, everywhere I go. Lists of chores to be done, bills to be paid, things to do for my daughter, lists of things to do for the blog. But somewhere along the way, I lost myself among all of these lists. I stopped getting my hair highlighted when I was pregnant. Almost seven years later, highlighting my hair has not made it back on my list. Neither has buying pretty new undergarments, taking my vitamins, or practicing yoga daily.

In order to find myself again, and feel better, I’ve created this self-care checklist to keep me on track and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! I hope this self-care planner inspires you to recover yourself, buried under the busy layers of motherhood. Here is my daily self care plan:

Take Three Deep Breaths

This column reminds to stop and take three deep breaths at the very least once during the day. Recently I purchased one of Liz Lamoreux’s Five Deep Breath’s bracelet to help remind me, otherwise I find I get so caught up in my day that I forget to stop and just breathe. You could also set an alarm on your phone to remind you.

free self care checklist

Drink Eight Glasses of Water

Did you know that when you feel thirsty it means you are already dehydrated? I love water. It’s all I drink (except my morning cup of coffee.)  I thought I had this water thing covered until I recently really paid attention one day. I drank maybe one glass of water, possibly two, at work. Once I got home I had a glass at dinner time. That was it. While I might not have been drinking soda or juice, I was actually barely drinking any water at all! Now I try to carry a water bottle most of the time and I’m conscious of how many glasses I drink.

Take Your Vitamins

The other year I found out I was virtually depleted of B vitamins. So why in the world was I not taking supplements regularly? Because they weren’t on my to do list. One day the bottle ran out and I just never replaced it. Now I’m making a conscious effort to take a multi-vitamin, a B vitamin, and magnesium on a daily basis. (Look for more on magnesium in the future. It’s my all time favorite supplement!)

Get Eight Hours of Sleep

This is a tough one for moms, especially moms with little babies. I realize it is virtually impossible to get eight hours of sleep. But, try to get as much as you can. Sleep when the baby sleeps, trade shifts with your husband, or hire a babysitter for a few hours just so you can sleep.  I have found getting adequate sleep is crucial for not only my physical health but also my mental well being.

free self care checklist

Practice Yoga

Yoga used to be my mainstay, my stabilizing force. When I practiced yoga regularly, I slept better, felt better, was more relaxed and more at peace. I really struggle to fit this into my days now that I’m a mom. I would have to say that out of everything on this list, this one is my biggest challenge! Meditation, guided relaxation, or any form of exercise would also be a great substitute if you’re not that into yoga.

blue journal book

Keep A Gratitude Journal

As I mentioned recently, I’m much more content, happy, and satisfied when I keep a gratitude journal. It is the perfect ending to an evening ritual.

Daily Affirmations

This is a space to write your affirmation or quote for the week. This week my quote I’ve been pondering is by Jana Llewellyn:

I realized that the deepest solace we find in life is in accepting when things are over, letting the pieces fall away, and starting again.

  • Do you want to feel healthier?
  • Experience a greater sense of satisfaction and well being?
  • Add a gentle rhythm to your days?

Then won’t you join me on this self care journey?

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free self care checklist

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