5 Tips for Highly Sensitive PeopleAre you sensitive to noise or bright lights?  Do you feel what other people are feeling? Are you introverted and crave time alone? Do you avoid crowds? You just might be what Elaine Aron, PhD. a psychologist (and author of The Highly Sensitive Person) calls the “Highly Sensitive Personality” or HSP.

In a nutshell, the Highly Sensitive Person’s brain processes information differently and they are more sensitive to outside stimulation.

Here are five quick tips to help calm and soothe your sensitive soul:

1. Take a shower. There is literally nothing better than a shower at the end of the day. Showering not only cleanses you literally, it washes off all of the ions and negative energy from the day. Science has shown that the release of negative ions results in a more positive mood. I feel lighter, less tense, and refreshed. Try this shower meditation for moms  for the ultimate experience.

5 Tips for Highly Sensitive People

2. Try to use candlelight whenever you can. Now I know candles with little ones isn’t the best mix, so why not try to sneak in a little candlelight while you shower? If you aren’t comfortable using candles, at least turn off bright overhead lights and plug in small lamps and nightlights throughout your home. Or, use a himalayan salt lamp. Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions and benefit asthma and allergies. Their beautiful pinkish orange glow has a softening effect on any room.

3. I’m loving this Reiki Spray by Enchanted Essences. It contains pure essential oils of white sage, lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, sage and a citrine crystal in distilled water. Citrine crystals are known for grounding and dissipating negative energy.

Native Americans have used sage to clear spaces for ages. Studies have shown that sage releases negative ions when burnt.

I keep this spray in my purse. I use it to clear negative energy in my office at work, in the car to reduce anxiety when driving, and at home to boost the mood when we’ve been in a “funk” or had a toddler melt down.

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4. Walk in your bare feet, preferably on the grass. It has such a grounding effect. I simply cannot stand to have socks on my feet. It feels hot and stifling, like I can’t breathe. One of my favorite days of the year is the first time it is warm enough to walk outside in the grass in my bare feet after a long winter.

5 Tips for Highly Sensitive People

5. Keep clutter to a minimum and decorate with nature. Bringing nature into your home helps counter all of the loudness that comes from televisions, appliances, metal, chemicals, and electricity. My daughter and I have a nature table where we display treasures that we’ve found outside such as bird nests, eggs, feathers, butterflies, stones, and seashells.  Logs make excellent nightstands and shelves and sticks can make great curtain rods. We also have several terrariums, hanging air plants, and spider plants.  Plants actually work as  purifiers, cleaning and improving the quality of air in your home.

Are you a highly sensitive mom? If so, I’d love to hear your tips for taking care of your sensitive soul.

More Tips For Highly Sensitive People:

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5 Tips for Highly Sensitive People

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