Are you sensitive to noise, bright lights, or electronics?  Do you unconsciously  “soak up” what other people are feeling? Are you introverted and require time alone? Are you uncomfortable in crowds? Then you just might have a Highly Sensitive Personality. The Highly Sensitive Person’s (HSP’s) brain processes information differently and they are more perceptive to outside stimulation.

How you decorate your home can have a lot to do with how you feel as a Highly Sensitive Person.

Lately, I’ve been drawn to making my house a haven. My home is the refuge I return to after a difficult day of work, a place where I heal when I’m sick, the nest where my family spends most of our time together. I’m filled with the urge to make my home a warm and inviting place from the moment you walk in the door. I want to infuse every nook and cranny with coziness. Because I’m a Highly Sensitive Person, I’ve thought long and hard about what makes me feel “off” in my house, and what soothes and calms me.

I am the last person to be writing about home decor, but here are my five top tips for decorating for the highly sensitive person:

1. Use white bedding & towels.

Things with bright colors or patterns add unnecessary busyness that contradict relaxing, especially in the two main areas of your home that you really want to cultivate calm: the bedroom and the bathroom.

Surprisingly, I’m also going to throw in considering painting your walls a soft white or light grey. This pains me to say, because when I moved into my home I had (and still have) beautiful sage green walls in the living room. We painted our bedroom a deep purple and our kitchen a cayenne red. But, over the years I’ve noticed this clash of colors makes me feel unsettled and leaves the rooms feeling cluttered and mismatched even when they aren’t. Needless to say, this winter’s project in my house is going to be painting!

Interior of a twin bed hotel bedroom

I purchased this gorgeous Breathe Duvet Cover over on Society Six from one of my favorite artist’s, Mai Autumn. I love it so much and the quality is superb! It’s the only thing I’ve bought from Society Six, but I’m very impressed. I would definitely buy from them again.



2. Textures.

Warm chunky throws or sheepskin rugs are perfect for solving textural sensitivities. There is nothing more wonderful than stepping out of bed in your bare feet onto a real sheepskin rug. Trust me. I’ve realized from my daughter, who is also a highly sensitive person in many regards, how much fabrics affect the way we feel. She used to love to play dress up but now refuses to wear “princess dresses” because of how they feel on her skin. She also struggles to wear jeans or even leave socks on. Plus, home decorators always recommend adding various textures to your rooms for more aesthetic appeal; style, plus comfort!

Bedroom details of retro decor side table and wall ornaments in 70s beach shack


3. Decorate with nature.

Use as many natural elements as possible, such as wood, plants, and stones. Try to  eliminate harsh metals and plastic. For more ideas check out my Decorating with Nature Pinterest board  for TONS of inspiration!

Decorate With Nature


4. Pay attention to lighting.

Don’t just rely on your overhead light fixtures for illumination. Tuck lamps in various corners. Invest in a few salt lamps. They have a soft orange glow and are helpful for asthma and allergies. And for heaven’s sake, do not use LED or bright light bulbs. LED lights emit a tiny buzzing noise that is grating to my nerves. Buy soft light bulbs. Some even come in calming colors such as blue.

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5. Have lots of throws, soft down pillows, rugs, even cozy slippers or socks, placed around each room.

Fabrics that lets you breathe, such as cotton, or that are made from real fibers like cashmere, and pillows stuffed with real down, not foam, are key here.

Still life details, stack of white cushions and blanket on rustic bench on white carpet

Would you like to:

  • Feel more relaxed at home?
  • Have your rooms look less cluttered?
  • Have your home emit a “spa” like quality?
  • Love to be in your house more than anywhere else?
  • Let your home be a healing environment for the whole family?

Then I challenge you to take stock of your home today. Whether or not you are a HSP, you can still benefit from focusing on making your home a haven. What little changes can you make for the biggest impact? Please share in the comments!

More support for the highly sensitive person:

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