Fringe Hours: How To Make The Most of Your Daily CommuteAs a mom, finding time for yourself can be challenging. Inspired by Jessica Turner’s book The Fringe Hours, I began to analyze my day to find pockets of under utilized time. My  biggest source of wasted moments? My commute!

I work Monday through Friday, driving roughly 45 minutes each way, possibly more depending on traffic. That’s at least an hour and a half a day, which equates to 7 and a half hours a week, that I have all to myself!

I recalled a Hibernate classmate who kept a bouquet of rosemary in her car as her sacred space. That’s it! An a-ha moment.

I could make my car into a little sanctuary. A sacred space on wheels.

The ideas formed quickly. I hung a piece of Himalayan salt  from the rear view mirror.  Himalayan salt releases negative ions which are good for asthma and allergies (both of which I have.)

himalayan salt

I put my deck of angel cards in my console. Each day I pick a new card and tape it to the dashboard of my car. It sets my intention for the day.

Angel Cards

Aura Cacia makes this great aromatherapy diffuser that fits right into your car charger. Several drops of essential oils are placed on a small pad which is then inserted into the diffuser. When it heats up, the scent is released.

essential oil car diffusor

I keep my Essential Six Pack in my purse and select whichever essential oil I need that day; usually orange to brighten my mornings and lavender to de-stress on the way home!

I also stocked the car with a stash of my favorite CD’s.

Some are of soothing music, such as Enya, others are workshops or talks from my favorite teachers such as the Zen monk Pema Chodron. No more mindless radio for me!

Lastly, I painted the inside of my glove box gold. Yep, I did it! It’s my little secret. If someone rides in my car they will never even see it. But, if I’m by myself I open it and light my battery operated candle.

Sacred Space In My Car

I also keep an amethyst crystal on the altar and a statue  similar to the one on my altar at home, only smaller. I’ve also attached a small vase for flowers to the dashboard.

flowers in my car

All of this may sound a little strange or over the top, but I have to say that I’ve found plugging in the diffuser and having the altar open is very comforting and grounding. When I’m facing a rough day at work it’s like a gentle companion. When I pass an accident or am stuck in traffic because the road is closed due to a fatally (unfortunately something that happens all too often on my route of major highways) I look at my altar and say a small prayer.

The other day when my tire blew out on a busy road during rush hour, and my cell phone was dead, I focused on my altar. I took some deep breaths, pulled myself together and came up with a plan. If I arrive to an appointment, or work, early I can open the glove box and do a short meditation. On my way home, it’s a cue to my brain that it is time to release the day and re-center my thoughts on my family, to unwind and relax.

I would love to hear your ideas on how you make the most of your commute?

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Fringe Hours: How To Make The Most of Your Daily Commute

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