Couponing Hack + Free Self Care Resources

How would you like to save money on groceries without clipping coupons or driving to numerous stores, plus get access to thousands of self care resources for only $50 a year? If so, then this couponing hack is for you!

Here is a way to create more space in your days, plus have virtually unlimited access to thousands of self care tools. It transformed my weekends and freed up enormous amounts of my time.

I used to save tons of money clipping coupons. Every Sunday morning I would get multiple copies of the newspaper and spend hours cutting coupons. I would plan trips to several different grocery and drug stores in the area. And I won’t lie, I made out like a bandit.

But, one day as I was analyzing how I spend my time, I realized how valuable my weekends were. I’m a full time working mom and I absolutely love lazy weekend mornings in bed, sipping coffee, reading the newspaper, hanging out with my family while my daughter is snuggled between us watching a morning show. In that moment, I made the decision to stop couponing. It wasn’t worth the precious time away from my family.

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I gave up deal shopping for several years until I began a love affair with Amazon. Don’t get me wrong. I strongly believe in supporting small businesses and shopping locally.  While we purchase most of our cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, and paper products from Amazon, we still get the majority of our fresh produce from our own garden and meat and eggs from local farms.

I’m not saying I will always use Amazon, but in this season of motherhood I find that it makes the most sense.

What kind of deals does Amazon offer? First of all, they offer a subscribe and save program where you get 5% off of your order of 1-4 items or 15% off when you subscribe to five or more purchases.

Did you know that Amazon also has coupons? But, instead of requiring scissors to clip them and folder organize them, you simply click your mouse on the coupon and it is saved to your account.

When you pair a coupon and a subscribe and save deal, you can often save 30-50% off of your purchases. (You can opt out of subscribe and save at any time. I always unsubscribe once I get my monthly delivery.) In addition, diapers are always 20% off.

I don’t have to spend hours scouring Amazon for the best combinations of coupons and subscribe and save deals. There are lots of great websites such as Jungle Deals Blog, Hip2Save, and MoneySavingMom that will do this for you. I spend only about five or ten minutes a day checking these websites to find the best deals.

Sometimes I might not necessarily save money on products, but I am able to pay the same price for better quality items, such as Tide Pods or flexible trash bags.

These are things I wouldn’t normally splurge on. Buying them on Amazon allows me to purchase these better quality items without going over budget.  I also score great deals on green and organic brands such as Mrs. Myers, Method, and Babyganics. Plus, as if the dollar savings weren’t enough, you also save time because you are making less trips to the store.

Another reason I love Amazon is because of their Prime 2 day shipping.

It’s perfect for last minute birthday or Christmas gifts. (I am also able to stock up on gifts at great prices year round.) That way I don’t have to deal with the craziness of the busy stores during the holiday season. Plus, if a loved one lives far away, I can have their gift wrapped and shipped straight to them rather than deal with going to the post office and standing in the long lines at holiday time.

No rush promotional credit.

If you don’t need two day shipping you can select no rush shipping on many items and get promotional credit toward future orders!

Shopping is another time suck for me. I commute to work a total of roughly ten hours week. The last thing I want to do after I get home is get in the car and drive again to go shopping. There are several specific items I use that I can only get at select stores. Instead of running in a million different directions to get these things I can simply order them all from Amazon!

(These are things like hair care products from the salon, a special eyeliner for sensitive eyes, RealSalt, and vitamins that can’t be purchased just anywhere.)


Amazon is great for moms because of the benefit of having large items like cases of diapers or bundles of paper towels shipped right to your house. You don’t have to worry about trying to carry a bunch of bags and large packages while also trying to carry a baby!

Speaking of baby products, Amazon has several perks if you set up your baby registry with them.

You’ll get a free welcome box of goodies, a value of up to $35. Plus, you’ll get a 10% completion discount on all remaining items on your list 60 days before your due date.

Self Care Reminders.

I don’t know about you, but I have really neglected buying things for myself since my daughter was born. Occasionally I’ll come across a deal on something I’ve needed for a long time and it’s like a wake up call. Things as simple as new socks. And then I think to myself, why in the world have I not purchased new socks for myself? Its a great reminder to take care of myself.

There are often some fantastic discounts on self care items on Amazon as well.

Couponing Hack + Free Self Care Resources

I’ve scored salt lamps, yoga products, and even this travel aromatherapy diffusor (which was completely free after a coupon code!). I also love that HerbPharm products are sold on Amazon. I have some great local herbalists in my area and I also make some of my own products.  However, if I need something in a hurry that no one local offers, I love knowing that I can order HerbPharm products. They are a highly respected company on the herb field and know I can get the item within two days.

Not all of the benefits of Amazon involve spending money. Many are totally free. One benefit of Amazon Prime that I am loving way more than I thought I would is all of the free music.

There are literally thousands of albums you can add to a playlist and download. And, it isn’t just older songs either. All of Adele’s albums are available, including her most recent releases, and newer bands such as Twenty One Pilots. There are also tons of free relaxing albums such a Enya, and numerous tracks with nature sounds and guided meditations. I’ve been working on my certification to become a Sacred Sweeties Circle Leader and so many of the recommended songs in the manual are available free on Amazon Prime Music, including the entire album Sacred Pregnancy by Nina Lee. I am head over heels for this CD!


Another benefit of Amazon Prime that I have recently start exploring is the free videos. They offer thousands of streaming movies and television shows.

Not just your typical movies and sitcoms, they also offer nature videos, yoga workouts, yoga for kids, tai chi, chi gong, and documentaries on holistic topics such as feng shui, crystals, tarot, chakras, ayurveda, and acupressure!

Couponing Hack + Free Self Care Resources

Free access to thousands of ebooks.

You can borrow them for free with no due dates. (Plus, with KindleFirst you can download a free ebook in advance of it’s release date. (Only one more month from a selection of editor’s picks.) Don’t have a kindle? No worries, there are tons of free Kindle apps. (I use one on my Mac and it’s perfect.)

Free, unlimited cloud storage for all of your photos!

No more worrying about running out of room for all of your photos.

I also feel compelled to mention that Amazon’s customer service is unbeatable.

I ordered a few things for my daughter’s birthday last year that were listed as two day shipping items. However, according to tracking, they weren’t going to arrive on time. I chatted with a customer customer service representative online (no waiting on hold on the phone!) They overnighted me the items free of charge plus I got an extra month of prime. Anytime you order an item guaranteed to arrive in two days and it doesn’t show up on time you are entitled to an extra free month of prime.

Best of all, Amazon offers a free 30 day trial! No strings attached. You have 30 days to check it out.

(Just be sure to mark it on your calendar in case you don’t want to keep it, so you don’t get charged for something you don’t want!)

Did you know you can share your  membership with one other person? You can split the cost of Amazon prime and pay around $50 for a whole year for all of these benefits.

They don’t even need to be living in your house. They can be at a completely different address.

They also have other plans such as a $10.99 monthly plan.

If you are debating if prime membership is really worth it, this is what you get:

  • Deep discounts on groceries and household products without clipping coupons or going to the store.
  • Eliminate extra trips to special stores.
  • More time to spend with your family.
  • Purchase better quality (often organic) products for the same price as generic store brands.
  • Avoid long lines at the store and Christmas shop from the comfort of your home, plus have the packages shipped for you!
  • Great deals on self care products.
  • Free streaming on thousands of television shows, music, and movies (including alternative topics such as feng shui, ayurveda, chakras, and more! Plus thousands of exercise videos including yoga and tia chi.)
  • Access to thousands of free ebooks.
  • Free unlimited cloud storage of your photos.
  • Free two day shipping.
  • Share your membership with someone else and split the cost making it only $50 a year. (They do not have to have the same address as you.)
  • Superb customer service.

My membership has truly been one of the best time and money saving hacks I’ve discovered for this busy season of life, I only wish I had discovered it sooner! Still not sure? Try the FREE 30 day trial period to see if Amazon is really for you.

More ways to save on self care:

Check out my Self Care Deals page where I search for the latest deals on pampering products!

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Couponing Hack + Free Self Care Resources

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