Trying to come up with a bedtime routine that actually works is an ongoing process in this house! Here are some tips on how to get your toddler to sleep.

When I was pregnant, I “nested” by making a lot of my own herbal and aromatherapy baby products. One of the products I used the most  was a bedtime nursery mist, which was a lavender floral spray (water and essential oils).

Tips on how to get your toddler to sleep

Every night, for at least two years, I would spray this mist around Meadow and her crib and on her sheets at bedtime. It seemed to act as a signal to her that it was time to settle in for bed. It was calming for both of us. To be honest, I don’t fully remember why I ever stopped. I think maybe the container broke and then we got away from using it.

Recently, I had to opportunity to try some new (to me) aromatherapy products, Tame the Wild Child spray and roll-on from Enchanted Essences. I am loving getting back into this bedtime ritual!

Very calming and soothing, both the mist and the roll-on are scented with orange, roman chamomile, and the slightest hint of lavender essential oils.

Roman chamomile essential oil is useful for calming and soothing anger and irritability, especially in children.

Orange essential oil is also useful for producing a calming effect and lifting one’s mood. A scientific study was done with orange essential oil and children who were visiting the dentist. Those who were treated in rooms scented with the orange aroma actually experienced less anxiety (as measured by their pulse rate and cortisol output).

Lavender is probably the number one essential oil recommended to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation.

What a perfect combination of oils for these products! The roll-on is lovely and not at all greasy since it is made with pure jojoba oils. I’ve found the spray not only useful at bedtime, but also at other times such as when my daughter is having a meltdown. (She’s five and is going through a bit of an attitude thing right now!) A few sprays of Wild Child seems to almost shock her and it forces her stop and breathe. Another great use for this spray was when Meadow had a fever for three days straight and I couldn’t get it down. It acted as a lovely, soothing mist to calm her and help keep her cool.

Lisa at Enchanted Essences uses only the finest quality essential oils in her products which is why her site is my go to source for all my essential oil needs. AND she offers free shipping!

A few other bedtime rituals I’ve instituted:

Homeopathic Moon Drops

In addition to the aromatherapy spray and roll on, I also give Meadow one Moon Drop. She has really responded well to homeopathic medicine. (I’ve also noticed that Hyland’s Baby Calming Tablet’s also help to calm her down during meltdowns.) Homeopathic medicine is about as safe as it gets!Homeopathy Moon Drops

Goodnight lotion, scented with lavender, is a godsend. I even use it on myself!

Goodnight Cream

I keep an amethyst crystal by the bed. In Chinese medicine, amethysts are used to treat bad dreams. Amethysts are also thought to soothe the nervous system, clear the mind, and are useful in treating insomnia. I also have this sweet amethyst tea light holder for my bedroom!
41jIEhY3wML What bedtime rituals have you put in place? I’d love to hear them!

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Tips on how to get your toddler to sleep

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