7 Steps to a Nightly Self Care Routine

How would you like to go to bed every night feeling relaxed and calm? Knowing that you are deeply blessed and have everything you need? Then won’t you join me on a seven day journey to create a nightly self care routine?

In seven days you’ll create a more calm and peaceful bedtime routine. You’ll get one email each day with one small self care move. Each move will build on the next until you have a brand new soothing ritual to complete your busy days.

Self Care Night Time RoutineThe steps won’t require much time or money. They are designed with the busy mom in mind.

So often the days are long and we feel so weary that we can’t wait for the moment when we can finally fall into bed that we don’t think much about it beyond that. But what if you could use this time as an opportunity to replenish your soul?

By implementing a few simple steps, going to bed can become part of a sacred ritual to end your day. This little ritual will help slow down the days so that you don’t feel like they are slipping through your fingers. It will bring you comfort and calm during rough times. It will give you assurance when you need it most.

It’s like writing the final chapter of a book and you get to create the most beautiful ending.

Class starts tomorrow. Won’t you join us? The live version of this course is now over but you can still have access to all of the lessons when you sign up for my mailing list here. You’ll also get instant access to my free self care library!

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Bedtime Self Care Routine

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