You might be wondering how the 2018 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has already changed my life in just a few weeks?

2018 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

As you probably already know, the main purpose of my website is to support other moms on their self care journey, their way back to themselves. I’m always looking for new tips and tricks to share with you. Here are three awesome ways the 2018 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has changed my world for the better so far:

#1. Biggest change: A sense of increased self confidence. Plus, no more trying to figure out what clothes to buy and what to wear every day. This is HUGE for me folks.

By far, Alison Lumbatis’s Big Book of Outfits and her Stay at Home Mom Wardrobe capsule have been my bundle favorites. Although I’m not a stay at home mom, I work in a business casual office setting and these outfits fit my work needs well. I just switch up the jeans for dress pants and I’ve got around 20 outfits, completely coordinated and ready to go, with only a few select number of staples.

About a year before I got pregnant I kept putting off buying clothes for myself, knowing it was likely I was going to have a baby soon. Then there was the 9 months of pregnancy, then the postpartum period and not quite sure what shape my body was going to go back to, then there was weight gain I wasn’t happy with, and the next thing you know my daughter was turning eight years old and I hadn’t updated my wardrobe in almost a decade. I’m serious people! It was awful.

I really struggled with overwhelm, not knowing what was in style anymore and too depressed about the way I looked to even venture into a store, deal with the dressing rooms and fluorescent lights, all while trying to coordinate outfits on a budget.

I hated getting up in the morning and trying to figure out what to wear. Going to any kind of social event filled my stomach with dread. I felt frumpy, avoided mirrors, and tried to pretend people didn’t see me.

The 2018 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Now I have a personal stylist who does all the work for me!

Several weeks ago I discovered Allison’s Big Book of Outfits and her style challenges. She encourages you to shop your closet first, build your wardrobe with basics, and then add from there. She even tells you exactly where to purchase the items, giving you various pricing options from stores like Target to Nordstrom’s. It saves me time wandering through the stores, trying to pick out outfits, figuring out what looks good together. With Allison’s capsule wardrobe, pieces can be combined into various outfits making your clothes go further.

I feel so much more confident. In a matter of about two weeks I’ve been able to pull together a whole new wardrobe by following Allison’s plan and it was far more affordable than I would have ever thought possible because you’re actually buying fewer pieces but gaining more outfits. (Which also means less laundry.)

I also printed out the challenge, which shows all of the different outfit pairings and have it hanging in my closet. That way, when I need an outfit, all I have to do is flip through the book and look at the wardrobe combos to pick out my daily outfit.  It requires an initial investment, but ultimately saves so much time on shopping, styling outfits, and deciding what to wear each day. With little more than a week I had a practically a whole new wardrobe and a sense of confidence. This has been such a burden lifted off of my shoulders. I can’t stress it enough.

#2. I’m More Organized

Bullet journaling. Why have I been ignoring this genius system I’ve heard rumblings about for the past few years? As soon as I read Brainbook: Bullet Journaling Your Way To A More Organized Life by Kaylyn Brooke, I had to go out a purchase a journal and get started that very same day. I immediately knew this system was for me. I could write a whole post on bullet journaling. (Seriously. Look for one soon.)


The Literary Medicine Cabinet: How To Nourish Your Soul With Good Books by Haley Stewart

#3. I’m Curating a Literary Medicine Cabinet (Bibliotherapy or Comfort Reading you might call it.)

The Literary Medicine Cabinet: How To Nourish Your Soul With Good Books by Haley Stewart. I love, love, love this book! Haley is a kindred spirit when it comes to books. I would literally pay $30 just for this book alone. Although it’s a small volume, her taste in books can’t be beat and I’m so excited to start adding to my comfort library. It’s given me a whole new idea for the website.

Be sure to keep reading to find out about exclusive bonuses available only for readers who purchase through my affiliate link, because I’m so grateful for your support!

Other things I like about the bundle:

  • There are several decluttering resources plus lots of real food, crock pot, and freezer cooking recipes, 441 to be exact.
  • Inspirational artwork from the Dating Diva’s. (Inspirational artwork is one of my favorite time free ways to practice self care.)
  • And, a shameless plug for all of you who may have debated purchasing my Yearly Self Care Planner, I’m honored to say it’s part of the bundle!
  • The Orglamix, Cultivate What Matters, and Strawsome bonuses. I loved the Orglamix bonus last time and am excited to try their natural eye shadow duo. Cultivate What Matters has some beautiful washi tape and stickers for my bullet journal, and the glass straws from Strawsome hold a special place in our house. We already have two. One that has a bunch of dots on it that we call the celebration straw. Whenever we have something special the celebrate that person gets to use the celebration straw. We also have one with a heart on it for when someone in the family has a rough day and needs a little extra love. This year I’m letting my daughter pick and I have a feeling her love of penguins is going to lead her to choosing this one:

Handmade glass straw

What disappointed me about the bundle this year:

As much as it pains me to say it, I wasn’t really happy with most of the physical bonuses this year, which are often one of my favorite parts of the bundle. The bonuses aren’t so great, especially if you’ve purchased a bundle in the past. For starters, 3 of the 9 physical bonuses aren’t physical products at all. One is an online magazine subscription, one is downloadable artwork, and the other is an app which I found on the internet to be free anyways. While all of these items might prove useful, they really shouldn’t be promoted as physical products.

Plus, if you’ve purchased a bundle before and redeemed books from Book-a-Roo, you’re only eligible for some downloadable posters, not a new subscription. I get it, they can’t keep sending free products to everyone if all of those people don’t continue to subscribe, but now we’re down to 4 of the 9 bonuses not actually being real products. Which brings me to my other point: most of these companies have already been featured in past bundles and I was hoping to learn about some new companies.

I’m also super picky about books on faith and I don’t home school, so those are two rather large sections of the bundle I probably won’t be using much. My favorite section, self care, always seems a bit small, but that does seem to be slowly growing over the years.

But, even despite my disappointment with these few things, this just might be my favorite Ultimate Homemaking Bundle so far because of the impact it has made on my life. The value of Allison’s big book ($49) and early bird offer ($39), the bullet journaling book  ($27), and The Literary Medicine Cabinet ($7.99) as well as the Orglamix, Strawsome, and Cultivate What Matters (a total of $45 in physical bonuses) are worth way more than the cost of the entire bundle.

Plus, that isn’t even including the decluttering and simplifying resources, as well as recipes for crock pot and/or freezer cooking (another one of my tips to find more time for self care). So, in my opinion, the price is well worth it and this is one bundle you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

In addition, don’t forget, my free gifts to you…..

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2018

When you order the 2018 Ultimate Bundle through my affiliate link, you’ll get the Ultimate Bundle Library Catalog for free. I know you’re going to love it.

You’ll Also Get My Favorite Hygge Book For Free

The Cozy Life

I’m so excited to be giving away a free kindle edition of my favorite hygge book, The Cozy Life: Rediscover The Joy of Simple Things Through the Danish Concept of Hygge by Pia Edberg to everyone who purchases the Ultimate Homemaker’s Bundle through my affiliate link. This book really helped me on my cozy home journey last year. Just email me your receipt at nurturingnook at hotmail dot com for both the book and the library catalog. Don’t have a kindle? No worries, neither do I. There are tons of free apps and programs that allow you to read kindle books.

If you purchase the bundle I’d love to know your favorites!

2018 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle


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