20 Simple Self Care IdeasWhat do you need more than anything else to help you be a more calm parent? The difference between being a short tempered, yelling mom and a peaceful parent is self care.

Moms are super good at taking care of everyone else. We can do it with our eyes closed. But let’s face it, mothering takes time and energy and lots of it! But we only have 24 blessed hours in a day. What’s the first thing we cut out of our schedules in order to get everything done? Taking care our ourselves, of course. For some reason, it’s so easy to push taking care of ourselves to the back burner, yet it’s so important for our well-being. But this doesn’t have to be the case. If our cup isn’t filled how can we be our best for our families? We just need to find simple self care ideas.

One of the biggest questions I get from mamas is, “how do I find time for self care?” If you are able to get past “muilt” (mom guilt, as author Shonda Moralis calls it in her book Breathe Mama Breathe) and want to make healthy living and self care a priority, how do you work it into your busy schedule?

If you’re like me, you are probably so tired by the end of the day that you crash into bed at night and don’t have the energy to even think about coming up with simple self care ideas, let alone figure out how to make it happen.

Well worry no longer! I’ve done all the work for you. As well as feeling overwhelmed and tired, moms are resourceful, creative, and determined. I’ve used these mama skills to come up with 20, yes 20, simple self care ideas that don’t add any extra time to your day. Honestly.

In the spirit of full disclosure, some of the ideas do require a small one-time investment of money, usually under $30, but the rewards are well worth it and some items you might already own. Plus, you don’t have to do all the ideas at one time. Add one or two at a time. If your budget is tight, check out these easy, time friendly ways to save money for self care and this trick on how to get free shipping.

Also, don’t forget to give hubby gift ideas for Mother’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays. Let your partner know what you what. Take the pressure of coming up with the perfect gift off of them. Trust me, they’ll be grateful for it. Plus, a happier mama makes a happier family. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Are you ready to:

  • Feel replenished?
  • Rested?
  • Radiant?
  • Have your needs met?
  • Stop putting yourself last?
  • Feel more calm, nourished, and renewed?

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