Summer Hygge Ideas Summer Bucket List

Hygge isn’t just for hibernating in the winter! Here are 20 ways to practice the art of hygge this summer. Consider it your summer bucket list!

Hygge is the Danish concept of coziness…the art of creating warmth, comfort, and well-being through connection, treasuring the moment, and surrounding yourself with things you love. -Pia Edberg

Your Summer Bucket List:

1. Make time for at least one picnic this summer. When was the last time you actually went on a picnic? Check out my Picnic Pinterest Board for some awesome inspiration.

Summer Picnic

2. Pick fresh flowers for your house. This is a must for me. We keep flowers in our house on a daily basis as long as we can. Peonies are my favorite followed closely by the beautiful fragrance of lilies, but even sweet little dandelions or violets will do.

Pick Fresh Flowers

3. Catch lightning bugs, or at sit on your deck and relish in their magical beauty.

4. Visit a local farmers market. You’ll find not only fresh local produce, but many also have eggs, cheese, plants, baked goods, and bouquets of flowers.

5. Host an outdoor movie party or visit an old-fashioned drive in if you can still find one left in your area.

Picking Strawberries

3. Go strawberry picking. Find a local farm or a nice spot in the country with wild strawberries. Wild strawberries, while small, make the best jam ever!

7. Light sparklers for the fourth of July and be sure to purchase extra for later!

8. Eat a large slice a watermelon outside and have a seed spitting contest.

9. Make a flower crown. What could be more beautiful?

Flower Crown

10. Blow bubbles. Blowing bubbles is not just for kids! Did you know blowing bubbles is a very relaxing breathing exercise? I always keep a tiny bottle like you get at wedding on hand.

11. Take some time to lay under the stars and try to identify the constellations.

12. No summer is complete without a bonfire and smore’s!

13. Explore nature. Consider starting a nature table. We’ve been keeping one for the last few years and it has been a huge hit in our house.

Explore Nature

14. Dip your toes in the water. Whether it be the ocean, a pond, lake, or small creek, take some time to revel in the water. Looking for an affordable and unique hygge place to get away? Check out my post on all of the amazing options on AirBnB and save $40 when you make your first reservation through my link.

Explore Nature

15. Hang clothes outside to dry. I’ll never forget the feeling and smell of running through the bed sheets hanging on my grandmother’s clothesline as a child.

16. Make some homemade lemonade.

Homemade Lemonade Recipe

17. Eat outdoors. There’s no doubt about it, food tastes so much better when eaten outside!

18. Make a flower salad. So many flowers are edible. Impress your family with a beautiful salad. Here’s an edible flowers Pinterest board for you to check out.

Flower Salad

19. Make a fairy garden. This is so much fun for adults and children alike!

Fairy garden

20. Watch the sunset. Make it a point to sit and do nothing but simply soak in the gorgeous sun setting while sipping a cup of iced tea.

What’s on your summer bucket list? I’d love for you to share in the comments.

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