Benefits of A Massage

A massage is not just a pampering self-care luxury. Here are ten real health benefits of getting a massage, as well as ideas on how you can afford one.

Trust me, the rewards are well worth it! Not to mention that fact they leave you feeling calm, more peaceful, and less tired. (Can I get a big heck yeah???)

1. This one is a no brainer, but it relieves stress.

Who doesn’t need to relieve stress more than a mama? Stress can wreak all sorts of havoc on our bodies including things such as weakening our immune system. I could write a whole post on this topic alone!

2. Massages have been proven to reduce anxiety.

I noticed that after my daughter was born I experienced major symptoms of anxiety. Like all new mamas, I was worried about everything: her swallowing something and choking on it, getting into a car wreck, and the list goes on and on. As she gets older those thoughts have mostly subsided but new worries have emerged into friendship drama and bullying. These concerns don’t go away; they just flow and change through each wave of motherhood. A massage is the perfect opportunity to step back and take a moment to let your fears go, at least for just for one hour.

3. They help manage low back pain.

Tension and tight muscles often cause lower back pain, not to mention pregnancy and carrying little babies on our hips! Back pain can be so difficult to deal with, but if you let your massage therapist know, they can hone in on that area and really make a difference.

4. Alleviates symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia, that elusive, painful, and often tiring condition. There are many theories on what causes it and its symptoms, but the main theory of what creates the pain is that the lining of your muscles become tight, particularly in certain areas of the body called trigger points. Some therapists are specifically trained to work with fibromyalgia patients.

5. Reduces muscles tension.

We often hold so much tension in out muscles without even realizing. Right now for example, take a moment to notice your jaw. Is it tightly clenched shut? Take a moment to take a deep breath. Breathe in and on the exhale release your jaw, letting it relax and dangle, breathing out your stress.

6. Helps relieve tension headaches.

Have you ever experienced an excruciating headache that feels like a tight rubber band squeezing your head? This my friend, is a tension headache, again, caused by tight muscles. Along with massage, I’ve found these other remedies incredibly helpful for curing tension headaches.

7. Improves your sleep.

What mama doesn’t need better sleep??? Enough said!

8. Helps symptoms related to depression.

Again, I can speak from personal experience on this one. I always feel mentally refreshed after a massage.

9. Detoxifies the body.

Massages help circulate lymph fluid which in turn helps the body release harmful toxins. (Always be sure to drink lots of water after a massage, this aids with the release!).

10. Decreases migraines.

Again, similar to tension headaches, massages can sometimes help actually prevent or reduce the occurrence of migraines.

If you are lucky enough to live near a salt room I highly suggest combining your massage with a visit to a salt room.

They actually have massage therapists that work in their building. You can read more about my experiences with a salt room here.

The one in my area is incredibly cheap and you can often score Groupon discounts to save even more. Right now my salt room is offering a 60 minute massage and a 45 minute salt room session for only $65! That’s less than many places charge just for a massage alone.

Salt room

Do you feel like you don’t have time to get a massage?

Consider asking for help. What a concept, right? Ask your husband, your mother in law, or bartering babysitting with a friend.

Are you trying to figure out how to fit a massage into your budget?

I can totally relate which is why I’ve brainstormed for years to find ways to sneak massages into my budget. Check out my guest post on The Peaceful Mom blog where I share ten ideas on how to afford a massage. Groupon is my number one place to go for deals on massages, salt rooms, and spa services.

Also, check out my favorite coupon hack plus a year of budget friendly free self care resources here.
10 Reasons Why You Need a Massage

I know what you’re thinking, you feel guilty spending money on yourself right? So many women feel this way and it is so unnecessary. We tend to put ourselves last when we should actually take much better care of ourselves.

We need to refill our well in order to be able to pour our love and light onto our families.

Truly can’t find the time to or money to get a massage? (I’ve been there, trust me!) Then why not check out this relaxing bath idea or this shower trick you can do at home?

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Benefits of A Massage

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