Life can be hard. Really hard. Are you tired? Lonely? Overwhelmed? No time for yourself? Do you feel like everyone else is doing it better? I can assure you, you are not alone. Welcome home! Here you’ll find a room to breathe, full of self care tips, ways to practice self care on a budget, free printable self care worksheets and ideas for hygge (the art of cozy living).

What does your soul need? Do you spend so many of your days taking care of everyone else that you have no energy to make time for yourself? I can assure you, you aren’t the only one. Are you secretly longing for more self care? More sleep? Maybe you want to create more space in your days? More stillness? Would you like to make more time for yourself, no matter what season of life you’re in? Are you looking for nurturing self care ideas? Free printable self care worksheets and resources? Kindred spirits?

Then this is your nurturing home. A haven designed to be like a soft pillow that you look forward to sinking into everyday. A retreat to refill and refuel, a sanctuary to replenish and soothe your soul. Your happy place.

Just like a hammock swaying in the warm summer breeze, it is a place to rest and relax while being supported by a net of self care tools. A place to step away from the daily mess and chaos of life and parenthood, a place to breathe deeply, to find stillness, a space you deeply deserve.

While you’re here, be sure to sign up to gain access to the self care library. The library is full of tools to help you manage overwhelm, feel more content, less anxious, find inner peace, and create a cozy home. You’ll find a self tool care kit for the overwhelmed mom, guided meditations, a planner, printable self care worksheets, ebooks, and more, including the latest addition, my new ebook, The Art of Cozy Living With The Danish Concept Of Hygge

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Here in this little nook of the web, you will find inspiration, support, new ways to cope, and encouragement to help you live a life infused with peacefulness, joy, and happy memories. So, pour a cup of herbal tea, curl up in a cozy blanket, and make yourself at home!

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“Beautiful & stunning. The messages are perfect. They gave me the shivers and brought tears to my eyes. Just what women need.” –Leonie Dawson on The Peaceful Pauses Self Care Deck.

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