Afford To Travel Anywhere!

Do you dream of being able to travel the the country, or even the world, but don’t have the money? Learn how you can afford to travel anywhere, now!

How You Can Afford To Travel Anywhere...Now!

Robyn Robledo has truly inspired me and made me realize my traveling dreams are not that far from reality. This comprehensive book, 1,000 Miles of Memories: How To Plan Your First Epic Road Trip, teaches you how you can camp instead of spending money on hotels and travel just about anywhere.


Robyn explains how to create a family vacation that “enriches your soul and adds value to your life.”  Learn how to start crossing off items on your bucket list now. Are you ready to add excitement, mystery, and adventure to your life?

Adventure travel is not about taking
risks. It’s about venturing away from the
predictable and mundane and looking at
life in terms of what’s possible …Robyn

She begins by sharing her vacation on a ten day road trip to Lake Powell. On their trip they hiked beautiful trails in Zion National Park, watched the most amazing sunsets reflecting off Lake Powell, enjoyed tranquil campfires under the clearest skies with bats flying overhead at Lone Rock Campground, and rock climbed at The Pit in Flagstaff. Doesn’t that sound like so much more fun than staying in a stuffy hotel?

Traveling this way is really a lost art. -Robyn
But in this book Robyn teaches you step by step how to do it! With inspiring questions like:
  • I wonder what it’s like to stand at the top of Half Dome?”
  • “I wonder what the salt air in California smells
  • like?”
  • “I can’t wait to see how deep the Grand Canyon really is.”
  • “What are people in Croatia like?”
  • “How amazing is French food really?

She makes you really start to see how we’ve limited ourselves all these years and the seemingly impossible suddenly starts to become reality. And, it isn’t all about nature. She’ll walk you through exploring cities (and local food!) too.

In this book you’ll learn how to decide where to go, decide how much money you want to spend, the nuts and bolts of camping, including a detailed list of  what to pack and how to prepare.

The books covers itineraries for exploring the coast of California, the Redwoods and the “forgotten coast,” Oregon, the Pacific Northwest (I added this to my bucket list a few years ago!), Colorado, and Arizona & Utah. Each itinerary includes sites to see, places to visit, foods to try, and places to stay. Plus, tons of resources on places that have camping sites. Did you know Hawaii has campsites? And so do other countries??? My  mind is spinning with possibilities!

You will grow. Your vision will be come clearer because you will see more beauty in the earth, your body will feel more relaxed because you will know what it’s like to breath clean crisp air, and you will think more deeply because your mind finally had space to contemplate life’s deeper questions, and you will wonder, why didn’t I do this sooner?- Robyn

Not in a position to leave home right now? No worries, Lucy Aitkenread Make The Most of Summerhas you covered!

Thirty Days of Rewilding: Find Your Place In Nature and Watch Your Family Bloom, speaks volumes to my soul & I think you will feel the same way.

I love Lucy Aitkenread. She is a glorious, inspirational hippie mama. Lucy sold her house in London and went on the road with her husband, two year old, and 3 month old baby in a camper van. I love Lucy’s frank and honest words and I admire her fearlessness to live the life she envisioned!and travel just about anywhere.


Spending so much time amongst nature made me feel fully alive, as if an ancient pact with earth, written on my bones, was being restored- Lucy Aitkenread
Now, Lucy isn’t saying you need to pack up and go on the road. What I love about this book is that it has ideas for the everyday family. It’s made up of thirty chapters with one tangible action step at the end of each chapter that you can do at home. Lucy is my new hero!

What are your favorite budget friendly travel tips? I’d love for you to share in the comments!

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